Computational Chemistry.


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Press release

Computational chemistry models the behavior of chemicals in products and processes. The main goal is to speed up the discovery of new products. Computational chemistry is right at the heart of chemical research and development.

We offer a professional modeling software package, in combination with extensive service and contract research. The software covers all aspects of multiscale modeling in chemistry. It ranges from quantum chemistry to coarse-grained modeling and from chemical informatics to thermodynamics.

CULGI has three main benefits:

  • It is highly customizable
  • Services can be included besides software
  • Software can be integrated with other software packages

CULGI software is helping companies and universities globally in different industrial sectors, including oil and gas, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. We have participated in over fifty industrial projects and a range of European projects.

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Quantum Model

Molecular Model

Coarse-Grained Model


Client testimonials

” CULGI not only predicted the final particle morphology and the dynamics of the internal processes but also provided guidance for the optimal parameters for the process”
David England

Researcher, Sanofi Aventis

“PETRONAS RESEARCH SDN. BHD. (Malaysia) in collaboration with Culgi B.V. (the Netherlands) is pleased to announce the achievement of an innovative computational tool for the optimization and virtual screening of surfactant formulations. The technology has been endorsed by PETRONAS at the Technology Readiness Level 4 and is ready to be applied in the field.

PETRONAS can now sustain faster and further optimization of existing surfactant mixtures for applications in the oil and gas industry while at the same time developing proprietary chemicals in a cost-effective approach, credit to the power and versatility of computational chemistry.

Hon Vai Yee

Principal Scientist, Petronas

“What also adds to the specialty of CULGI is the very competent scientific support from the friendly team out there.”

Vandana Kurkal-Siebert

Researcher, BASF SE