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It is our mission to provide tailor-made multi-scaled computational chemistry software to the industry.

Based on more than thirty years of experience our adventure started in 2004 with name change from Mesodyn BV to Culgi BV (Mesodyn BV was founded in 1999) when we realized the challenges in the industry are too complex to be handled by packaged solutions offered by software retailers. In industry, one rarely faces standard problems: each industrial application is different. Therefore packaged solutions almost never work.

For this reason, we decided to focus, from the beginning of CULGI, on a key grand idea: an editor that would allow the efficient and effective combination of algorithms, tailored to a given problem.

The capability to see multi-scaled computational chemistry as a universal language sets us apart from all our competition.

We love science. We love brainstorming on new challenges. We love an open work-environment, where scientists are valued by their results (and crazy ideas).

Just now, we started on a new adventure, to combine computational chemistry with engineering, as part of the the Siemens family.

See the press release.

“We are excited to join Siemens and help create the future of simulation software” said Johannes Fraaije, Professor at Leiden University, Founder of Culgi.
“Virtual screening of novel materials in an early stage of development is a key enabler of digitalization in the chemical industries. With the integration of Culgi molecular simulation software and services within the Simcenter portfolio, engineers have an extra handle to design materials efficiently and effectively, with desired properties all along the value chain from inception, to process development, to logistics and market analysis.” 

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“The Culgi framework has become an essential tool for the teams atomistic, molecular and mesoscale simulations. The Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials (IFAM, Bremen) conducts industrial research in the fields of adhesive bonding, coating and surface technology as well as in composite materials.”

Dr. Peter Schiffels

Deputy Head of Department Adhesion and Interface Research, IFAM, Bremen, Germany

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