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computational modeling to Speed up the discovery of leading innovations.

The computational modeling software by Culgi is unique in the world. It is a powerful and easy way to model the behaviour of chemicals in products and processes. Our software does so in a precise, controlled way. These models enable speeding up the discovery of innovative new products significantly.

Culgi computational software package packs some significant features. It covers a range of computational chemistry. This means it allows for complex calculations in quantum chemistry, course-grained modelling, chemical informatics and thermodynamics.

A unique and powerful feature of our software is the scripted workflows. It makes working with our software easy and quick. The workflows can be edited through our proprietary graphical scripting editor or Python scripting. Either way, scripting is the key to success in modelling a wide variety of natural phenomena.

Culgi computational chemistry software helps companies and universities across the world and in all sectors, including oil and gas, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. To date, we’ve participated in over fifty industrial projects and in a wide range of European projects.

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A unique and powerful feature with scripted workflows

computational software

Benefits of our computational software

The software developed by CULGI  has three benefits:

  • It is customizable;
  • Amazing service is included;
  • It can easily be integrated with other software packages.

CULGI software is helping companies and universities in different industrial sectors, including oil and gas, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. We have participated in over fifty industrial projects and a range of European projects.

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We offer Culgi B.V. is an international IT services company, specializing in computational chemistry. 

Client testimonials

” CULGI not only predicted the final particle morphology and the dynamics of the internal processes but also provided guidance for the optimal parameters for the process”
David England

Researcher, Sanofi Aventis

“What also adds to the specialty of CULGI is the very competent scientific support from the friendly team out there.”

Vandana Kurkal-Siebert

Researcher, BASF SE