fragrance formulation software

Unique Software that makes easy screening of chemical data possible.

Fragrances are added to all kinds of consumer products, from shampoos to perfumes, from soaps to food products. There is an huge variety of synthetic or natural fragrances to use. Picking the right fragrance for the occasion is an enormous challenge.

The unique fragrance formulation software of Culgi models the behaviour of molecular models in products and processes. It can be used to get the best selection of fragrances to go with (surfactant based) polymers

Our fragrance formulation software package is one of only a few worldwide. It can be used to provide a microscopic 3D model for the nano scale or micro scale environment. It can also provide a fast thermodynamic calculation of evaporation rates, which is often very helpful when developing a new product.

A unique feature of our software is the scripted workflow. These can be edited through our proprietary graphical scripting editor or in Python scripting. Either way, scripting is a key to success in modelling the dynamics of molecules in a wide variety of systems.

Fragrance formulation software is used by companies and researchers all across the world, and across many different sectors of industry – oil and gas, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, for instance. To date, we’ve participated in over fifty industrial projects and in numerous of European projects.

fragrance formulation software needed?

We provide a unique and power tool!

fragrance formulation software

The Benifits of fragrance formulation software

CULGI software has three main benefits:

  • It is customizable;
  • Services can be included, besides software;
  • Our software can be integrated with many other software packages.

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We offer Culgi B.V. is an international IT services company, specializing in molecular dynamics. 

Client testimonials

” CULGI not only predicted the final particle morphology and the dynamics of the internal processes but also provided guidance for the optimal parameters for the process”
David England

Researcher, Sanofi Aventis

“What also adds to the specialty of CULGI is the very competent scientific support from the friendly team out there.”

Vandana Kurkal-Siebert

Researcher, BASF SE