R&D support

CULGI services have been used in more than 50 industrial projects so far, in various sectors, such as Oil and Gas, Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals. We understand how computational chemistry in the industry works. One one hand, we can help and guide you in all aspects of computational chemistry. For example, in assisting and training personnel in using multiscale computational chemistry. On the other hand, we can act as an out-sourced computational chemistry department and deliver a report as the solution. For the most part in our collaborations, a member of the CULGI service team supports a computational chemist 1-1 by writing bespoke scripts and consulting. All our partnerships are confidential.

Step 1

We establish the first contact through our sales channel and discuss our offerings through a web meeting. 

Step 3

In further meetings, in collaboration we define a modeling project, where we propose to deliver a bespoke solution for your specific challenges.

Step 2

We sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, and discuss your challenges either in an on-site visit or webmeeting. 

Step 4

Our CULGI service team works in close collaboration with you to deliver the solution. Typically, the service involves weekly or monthly web-contacts and site-visits. 

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