CULGI has always been committed to providing innovative science solutions to all our clients, either through software, services, or both. In addition, the software is compatible with other moleculair modeling data.

CULGI does not have a standard solution to your problem. As a result, we preferably work together with our clients to make a customized solution to their specific problem.

Our software development has enormous benefit from the intimate contact we have had with our customers over the years. Though we have integrated an extensive amount of algorithms from the academic community, many of the proprietary algorithms we invented were developed as a response to a specific need from an industrial customer. 

Most noteworthy, the scripted workflow model, combined with a huge computational library, allows applications to different sectors: Oil and Gas, Chemicals, Personal and Home Care, and Pharmaceuticals.

In addition, although the primary drive for CULGI has always been the industry, we have used the software with success in undergraduate and graduate teaching and research. Please check our solutions for more details.


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